by Indigo Joseph

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released September 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Indigo Joseph regina, Saskatchewan

The band Indigo Joseph strive to play music the same way they approach life; as a colourful journey where the diversity makes the ride all the more amazing. The Regina, SK bilingual four-piece bring to life everyday stories of nostalgia, pain and love through captivating sonic colours, all while borrowing from many genres. ... more

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Track Name: Opus III
Opus III... Find myself feeling lost in time, I got everyone around me crossin’ the line. It’s not that I’m unhappy, I don’t mind who we are. We’re just all curious to find something more. It’s the last time I find myself lost. I wish I could pick up a book and feel right at home, but the truth is lover, it’s in my head where I like to roam. I wish I liked to meditate, I wish my head could separate the trend from the feeling. 'Cause I’m not dead and I’m not dreaming. I get a little tired of waking up screaming. I close my eyes and I search my mind for the right thing to say, take a chance on me, a chance on me. Like titles on the high rise imitate the moon, I find myself drawn to you. Let’s make something that sounds like us, she says let’s make something that sounds like us. I want her to stay, I want her to stay.
Track Name: Dumb Animals
Dumb animals… I don’t wanna be a street boy anymore. I don’t wanna spend my nights out in the cold. And now I’m knocking on your door, ‘cause I don’t wanna be street boy anymore. Her daddy was a drifter; no he never said a word. And her momma’s such a sweet heart as she’s cooking up that bird. They told me if I ever hurt their little baby girl, they’d show me all the pain there was lurking in the world. Now I think about my baby as I’m lying in my bed and those awful words they told me, they’re still ringing in my head. As though life is just a game we play so we can break our hearts. With our guns and ammunition, we go marching in the dark. Chariots of fire and they’re coming down hot. Baby’s in the mix and she’s swimming in the pot. I want the world to never ever stop.
Track Name: La Balance
La Balance...Parfois je me trouve à vouloir te parler de mes os a ma peau un corps déshabillé. Je veux pas me retrouver comme celui d’avant, avec un pied dans la rue et un pied chez toi. Là je t’ai trouvé la face dans ton lit, en essayant de rester pur d’esprit mais ce n’est pas le soir ou on comprendras, on attends le jour et le jour viendras. Viens me trouver au fond de la mer, avec la tête dans le sable le corps à l’envers. Je me balance, comme une feuille dans le vent. Ici je reste, restes avec moi. Tout le monde émet un peu de chaque couleur, de mon grand-père à ma petite sœur. Il y a des choses à dire, des choses à dire, mais on le sait bien qu’on va s’en sortir. Parfois je pers mes mot, il y a de la place dans mon petit cœur pour tout le monde. Je ne voit plus la vie en noir et blanc, il y a de la beauté partout je sais pas pourquoi. Tanné de me promener sur la pointe des pieds, laisses-moi t'aimer
Track Name: Pills
Pills… They got pills that make you happy, pills that make you sad, pills that make you wish you’d never been had. They got Pills that keep you quiet, pills that make you talk and pills that make you feel like your standing in the same spot. They got pills that make you wonder, pills that make you cry. Pills that make you feel like you’re naked inside. Pills that make you wanna go out into the night. Pills that make you wonder about a better kind of life. Pills that look like diamonds, precious little stones, pills that make you feel just a little less alone. Pills to see the future, pills that alter time, pills that send a shiver running up and down your spine. Pills when you’re boring, pills that make it make sense; pills that make you feel like you’re living in the past tense.
Track Name: Simple Minds
Simple Minds...Oh how I long for simpler times.
Track Name: Turtle Dovin'
Turtle dovin’… Money, it’s like sand through my fingers. Time is a weight on my mind. And beauty she’s a fickle little devil; she is crawling like a spider through the dark. And I suspect that she has many motives. I am dubious of her authority. She is smiling on a sunbeam high above me; she is digging in the dirt down below. My baby gets me going in the morning. I want a girl that smart as a whip and kind as a gentile. I want a girl that talks with the old folks. I want a girl that can hold a child, who can raise my baby out in the wild. I want a girl that knows how to work, my baby works harder then me. Yum yum love, better drink it up/don’t know where it goes, don’t know where it comes from. Don’t know where it goes but I know that my baby gets me going in the morning.
Track Name: Oiseau Mort
Oiseau mort… Il faut que tu saches, voici ma faiblesse. Quand je montre mon visage, je suis juste une image. Quand je rentre dans la salle, le salon du cerveau. Je m’assois sur la plage, Je me baigne dans l’eau. La nuit quand je dors, je quitte mon corps. Mon esprit s’échappe, la dernière étape. Tu me brises le dos, quand on fait dodo. Mon estime de sois, c’t’une gueule de bois. Quand je te trace, je me cache la face. J’enterre mon cœur comme un oiseau mort.
Track Name: Others
Others... When I got holes in all my clothes, when I am only skin and bones, I'll come home to you. When I've seen the world in all its glory, felt the burn and known the morning; when I'm alive again. Like all those clothes you made for me, you are mine and you are precious. Let me bring you something small let me bring the sky to you. A piece of thread and you made me rich, I baked you bread and I caught you a fish. You’re a seamstress, a lady of grace, you gave me a name and you gave me a face. Pass those mountains and pass those hills, there's a place I will find again. Well I was born where the ground is flat and you can lie there on your back and watch the sky make love to the land. I don't smile, whine or pout, why don't you ask me what I'm about? I've always known a bit about what's it like living on the inside. But you taught me sometimes you gotta be on the other side. And as the planets spin in circles, I wonder where in the world does she go.
Track Name: Colibri
Colibri... Elle est partie, il est resté chez lui. Le corps tendu, le cœur pendu. Il se fie sur ses instincts pour se décider, passer ses soirées entouré de fumée de feux qu’il a crée, assez c’est assez. Comment savoir ce qui va changer... si on le savait. Avec mes lunettes graffignées, mes cheveux pas peignés, je suis le rythme de mon cœur et la pointe de mes souliers. Perdu dans ses pensés, avec sa tasse de thé il rêve d’un monde différent mais il n’y a pas rien qui va changer, il ne fait que parler. Combien de mensonges, combien de conneries? Vas-dont te cacher dans les fleurs attends le colibri. Tant de choses à apprendre, et tant de choses à vivre. Comment savoir ce qui va changer si on le savait, avec mes lunettes graffignées et mes cheveux pas peignés je suis le rythme de mon cœur et la pointe de mes souliers.
Track Name: Pocket Change
Pocket change…Love ain’t something that you keep in your pocket. Love ain’t something that you keep in the dark, don’t try to hide and don’t try to fight it, ‘cause love ain’t something that you keep in your pocket. Now the gates are open, the flood is coming fast. It all seems so important but it will soon all pass. Love isn’t buried under the earth love isn’t hiding under the sea. It’s in everything that you do everyone that you meet; the way that look ‘em in the eye on the street. At least the gates are open and the flood will soon be here. With nothing left to give we have nothing left to fear.
Track Name: Collage
Collage…Well I wanna be a politician I got a mission for the world. But I think about my baby girl. I don’t wanna go with my head on the choppin’ block, it starts with a roar but it ends with a yell. Hanging like a dog, hanging like Louis Riel. There’s a fountain in my brain a 100mph, sitting in the rain I hear it getting louder. Now I’m sipping on gin and making up stories… “your life ain’t full of sin, your life is just boring.” And I will do what I must, I will make you tremble with a hand full of dust. Line ‘em boys and don’t be shy, pump ‘em full of pills until they start to smile. Send ‘em North, send ‘em on a river boat.
The fertile land.
It’s not genocide…
“I’m sorry Sir, this is just our modern policy.”